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Top Freelancerrs Terms of Use


By using or accessing Top Freelancerrs, you agree that you have read, understand and are bound by these Terms of Use (Terms). We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time without notice. Continued use and access after such changes also constituteusers’ (employees’ and employers’) acceptance of the most recent Terms.


Top Freelancerrs was built to help you: (a) advertise your products or services (b) find people/customers interested in the products or services(c) find people who will provide their products or services for you (d) earn revenues by selling the products or services.


Use of Information Obtained by Top Freelancerrs


When you visit Top Freelancerrs, you provide us with two types of information:(1) personal data you voluntarily disclose and knowingly collected by us and (2) Web Site information created and gathered as you interact with the website.


When you register with Top Freelancerrs, you disclose certain types of information with us such as name, email address, phone number, and any other relevant information that is used to create your profile or account. We may collect and use information about you from external sources including but not limited to blogs, social media, and newspapers to complement your profile. You can specify the data to be displayed by accessing the privacy settings.


When you enter Top Freelancerrs, we collect browser type and IP address. Certain information is collected and stored from your browser using cookies. You have the right to disable cookies in your browser options, and by doing so, you understand and agree that you may lose access to some of the convenient features provided by Top Freelancerrs.


We also collect your phone number to send verification PIN code that you need to enter to activate payments. This process is done only once to verify initial withdrawal request.


After registration, most of the information you provided for the creation of your profile is not displayed to other users. Unless you decide to share personal information with other users, the only information displayed by Top Freelancerrs is your User Name.


Top Freelancerrs does not share your personal information with other users. We cannot control the actions of other users with whom you choose to share information. We have the right to occasionally use your name and email address to send notifications regarding new features or services you may find valuable.


Youhave the freedom to choose what kind of information to share with others. You are advised NOT to communicate with others via third-party platforms or share personal information such as email addresses, phone number, online messaging IDs, etc., to other users. There is no need to publish such information as all communications in Top Freelancerrs are based upon your User Name.


During your activity and communication in Top Freelancerrs, you are not allowed to ask or deliver personal information such as credit card information, mailing address, bank account, or any other information that may compromise your privacy. If certain jobs or services listed in Top Freelancers require you to disclose such information, you should not continue.


Any improper collection or usage of users’ information provided in Top Freelancerrs is a violation to our Terms of Service.


Safe Use of Top Freelancerrs


Top Freelancerrs is designed for everyone regardless of nationality, gender, religions, race, political views, and sex orientations. However, some jobs may not be suitable for all, for examples ones that contain adult materials and mature subjects or topics. In case any member below 21 years old feels offended by any content in a job (or a requirement for job completion), please do not accept or continue.


Top Freelancerrs does not knowingly allow children under 13 years old to register. We therefore do not knowingly collect and use their personal information.


Sharing Your Information with Third Parties


Top Freelancers does not share information in your profile with third parties. However, some parts of the website may contain links or advertisements which can redirect you to other websites. Certain advertisements are sent directly by the advertisers to users. We are not responsible for privacy practices of other websites.These Terms of Use cover the practices of privacy policies and the use of information in Top Freelancerrs. They do not cover the use of cookies or other tracking technologies by any advertiser.


Users’ Data


When you choose to disclose personal information with other users,the same information may be used and shared by the people who now are aware of the data. Top Freelancers is not responsible for the use of the information. Therefore, such sharing of information is done at your own risk.


Changing or Removing Information


Top Freelancerrs users are allowed to modify or remove their profiles at any time by sending us request email. If previously via Top Freelancers communication features, you shared information with other users (for examples personal message, rating, campaign, tasks, etc.) you cannot generally remove those data.




With the exception of some payment information, all data provided by users are saved and stored on Top Freelancerrs servers. They are based in the United States and operated by a hosting company of our own choosing. The hosting company is responsible for updating the server with the latest security patches to prevent unauthorized access of Top Freelancerrs data.


Payment information such as credit card number and passwords are entered and processed anytime online payment system takes place. Such information is used by the company who handles the transaction ( or Before initiating withdrawal request or payment transfer, please make sure you have read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at both services.


Terms of Use, Notices and Revisions


Unless stated other otherwise, your activities in Top Freelancerrs are bound by the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Usage and disputes that may arise from such activities as well as the resolution, limitation on damages, and arbitration are also subject to Top Freelancerrs Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and the law.


Contacting the Web Site


If you have any question regarding these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, please contact Top Freelancerrs via the email addressed published on the site.