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Our Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Top Freelancerr’s Thank you for choosing Top Freelancerr’s as your trusted business partner.

To start placing orders and offering your services, you need to be a registered Top Freelancerr’s users. Registration is FREE.
All jobs and services offered by Sellers on Top Freelancerr’s are called Gigs. Every registered seller has been advised to offer services for reasonable prices depending on difficulty levels, completion time, and quality of works.
Top Freelancerr’s only allows sellers to accept or offer payments through Top Freelancerr’s platform as preventive measures against scams and frauds. It is therefore mandatory that all orders must be placed via the “Order Now” button.
Buyers must fulfill the payments for the delivered works, unless otherwise instructed by sellers in their Gig descriptions.


Basic Rules

  • For every Gig you successfully sell and complete, Top Freelancerr’s keeps 15% from total payment as advertising cost.
  • To ensure payment completion, Top Freelancerr’s acts as an Escrow service in which case buyers must pay in advance when placing orders.
  • Money earned from selling a Gig is accredited to seller once the order is complete.
  • Revenues from Gigs available in your Top Freelancerr’s Balance can be withdrawn to your PayPal account.
  • Sellers have the rights to cancel orders for any reason and the payments will be returned to buyers.
  • Ratings for sellers are calculated based on customers’ feedbacks, amount of orders completed, and late deliveries.

Handling Orders

  • Each time a seller places an order for a Gig, you will be notified and asked to either Accept or Reject the order.
  • When creating a Gig, you need to specify delivery duration. Failing to meet the expected delivery time reduces your rating and increases the chance of order cancellation by buyer.
  • It is possible for buyer and seller to cancel order by mutual agreement. This will not affect ratings on both parties.
  • Either buyer or seller can initiate or ask for mutual cancellation. If the request goes unanswered by either party within 48 hours, it will be automatically accepted by the system. This will reduce the non-responding party’s rating.
  • Sellers can cancel order anytime, but every cancellation reduces their ratings.
  • In the profile section, sellers are advised to list email addresses that they use and check on daily basis. If they miss an order, their Gigs will be marked as suspended. Depending on your email account settings, notifications from Top Freelancerr’s may land in spam box.
  • In the event sellers fail to respond at all to an order within the expected delivery duration, their Gigs will be listed as Suspended Gigs. The system will consider the Gigs inactive; however, sellers can reactivate their Gigs.
  • Sellers have the option to mark their Gigs as Suspended, which can be useful if they are unavailable for any reasons such as taking vacations or having too much work. Once they are ready, it is easy to activate the Gigs again.

User Privacy & Protection

  • To minimize privacy concerns on users’ parts, Top Freelancerr’s does not allow users to request other users’ email addresses, Yahoo Messenger ID, Skype/IM usernames, and any other personal contact information including mailing addresses and phone numbers.
  • Communications among users and files transfer related to Gigs must be performed exclusively using GigMasters platform.
  • Posting explicit-nature materials suggesting or containing the use of illegal activities or substances is strictly prohibited. Information and contents going through GigMasters are moderated and simplified; if moderators notice the aforementioned activities by users, moderators will block or ban the users’ accounts.
  • Please set a completely new and unique password for your accounts. Do not use the same password you use for other accounts.

Gigs Delivery & Communications

  • Sellers must use Top Freelancerr’s mail system to distribute their works/materials/files from and to buyers.
  • Top Freelancerr’s can only help to protect users’ privacy if they communicate with other users using the email addresses listed in their profiles. Do not ask buyers to give you third-party email or give one to buyers.
  • Sellers are responsible for scanning received files from buyers for malware and viruses. GigMasters are not responsible for any damages to your computers due to infected files.
    Sellers must use the “Deliver Completed Work” button in the Order Page to send works to buyers.
  • Once sellers send their works, buyers are given up to 3 days to respond. After 3 days without response from buyers, the order will be automatically marked as complete.

Withdrawing Revenues

  • You can withdraw funds or revenues from Top Freelancerr’s Balance to a valid PayPal account. To avoid amount limitation, please make sure your PayPal account has been verified and that it can receive incoming payments and money.
  • A Top Freelancerr’s profile is associated with only one PayPal account.
  • Safety clearing period is 7 days, starting from the day you receive the payments into Top Freelancerr’s Balance. It means you can withdraw the money to PayPal account after the safety clearing period has passed.
  • PayPal charges a transfer fee of 2% or more (and up to $1) of the withdrawal sum. You can save money by limiting the frequency of withdrawal. For example you save money by withdrawing $100 at one time rather than splitting it in half to $50 and withdraw twice.
  • Once the withdrawal process starts, the money cannot be refunded to Top Freelancerr’s Balance. Top Freelancerr’s is not able to reverse the process once the money has been transferred to PayPal.
  • Pay attention to buyers’ ratings and be very careful when responding to an order. There is always a possibility of fraudulent payments. Top Freelancerr’s is obliged to hold onto payment suspected as fraudulent and return the money to PayPal. When Top Freelancerr’s discovers a reason to question a payment, the money will be hold for a period of 2 to 4 weeks to allow PayPal to investigate. If proven fraudulent either by PayPal or Top Freelancerr’s, the payment will be returned to PayPal. Always make the time to provide feedback concerning your communications with sellers at the end of Gig completion or cancellation. This way you can help build trusted business environment for other sellers as well.


Ordering Gigs

  • You can purchase services from GigMasters using PayPal or credit card.
  • Payments are made in advance, so your orders will be forwarded to sellers once the payment is confirmed.
  • Buyers with positive account balance in GigMasters can use the available fund to purchase services. Payments using PayPal is always allowed regardless of your GigMasters Balance.
  • To minimize privacy concerns on users’ parts, GigMasters does not allow users to request other users’ email addresses, Yahoo Messenger ID, Skype/IM usernames, and any other personal contact information including mailing addresses and phone numbers.
  • You are not allowed to offer payments for works via platforms outside GigMasters (you cannot pay directly to sellers’ PayPal account, for example). In the event buyers offer or ask you to do so, please report it immediately to GigMasters Support.
  • Please avoid reversing payment through PayPal on your own for no valid reason. Doing so may result in permanent account suspension. If you need to cancel order and get your money refunded, follow the proper procedures.
  • Before you decide to ask for cancellation for any problem, it is advisable to discuss the issue with the seller beforehand or contact the customer service for assistance.
  • Order refund is eligible only when done by GigMasters. If you want to cancel order after completion, please do so within 10 days of delivery time. GigMasters will not attempt to cancel a completed order after 10 days period.

General Terms

  • Any form of violation to Top Freelancerr’s Terms of Service may result in permanent account suspension.
  • Banned or blocked Sellers can still withdraw funds from Top Freelancerr’s Balance within a safety period of 30 to 80 days starting from the day of last cleared payment. Withdrawal by banned/blocked account is subject to Top Freelancerr’s approval.
  • Spammers are permanently blocked and banned.
  • All sorts of disputes must be dealt with using Top Freelancerr’s resolution tools, available by clicking the “Got Problems?” button in the order page. You can contact Customer Service for assistance.
  • Users with account on hold cannot purchase and sell works. Top Freelancerr’s reserves the full right to put any account on limit or permanently hold users’ accounts.
    Terms of Service are subject to change. Top Freelancerr’s may make changes without any notice. The more recent copy of Terms of Service is always available at Terms of Service page of the website.
  • Users must agree that all activities on Top Freelancerr’s are treated in accordance to the latest Terms of Service.


  • Once a buyer makes a confirmed payment for your Gig, you will be notified and asked to either Accept or Reject. Disputing an order should be used when you cannot perform or complete the order within the expected delivery duration. In the event you are currently not available and cannot handle new orders, it is best to mark your Gig as suspended, and reactivate later when you are ready. You can change this setting in “My Gigs” control panel.
  • Top Freelancerr’s encourages buyers and sellers to discuss problems with orders and settle any dispute amongst themselves; however, GigMasters is always ready to provide assistance if needs be.
  • Rfunds from cancelled orders are not returned to PayPal account. The refunds are made to buyers’ Top Freelancerr’s accounts.